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Snow Essentials

There’s some in house tools we can’t live without, and we’ve decided to release these for a nominal price on the Unity Asset Store <link>


You could probably write your own in a day or two, but why bother? What’s more you’ll get updates and bug fixes as we make improvements!


Snow Essentials contains 3 Editor Windows


Breadcumbs keeps track of assets you open, so you can easily go back to recently opened files without having to remember their location. Keep this window open to spend less time remembering asset locations, and more time on your project!




  1. Open the Breadcrumbs Window from Window->Snow->Breadcrumbs.

  2. The window will update when you open (double-click) an asset. 

  3. If you click the asset name in the Breadcrumb Window, the asset will be highlighted in the Project window.

  4. Select “Stop Updating” to stop the Window from updating.

  5. Select “Clear” to clear the history.

Component View

The Unity hierarchy will show your game objects, but the Component View will sort your scene by components! Click on the name of an object to open it up in the Inspector!




  1. Open the Component View window from Window->Snow->Component View.

  2. The window should automatically update when Unity is not in Play mode. To force a refresh, press the refresh button.

  3. Browse by component name; to open an object in the Inspector, click on it.

Snow Transform Editor

Unity will show you the local transform of your game object, but the Snow Transform Editor allows you toggle between local, global and matrix views. (note that some fields, namely global scale and matrices are not editable as changes cannot always be converted back to Unity values).



Just having the Editor in the project will replace the default transform editor.


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